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Please do not mail orders to the 54896 P.O.Box.

We ship on Thursdays,

unless you have called to expedite your order.


The yellow T-shirts are $14 each

How To Order:

*PayPal link below 

Effective 11-01-2019


The shipping fees are now included in the t-shirt price 

If you require expedited shipping,  you must call 404-758-4673 0r 678-618-2662 to secure those arrangements.

Additional fees will apply. 


T-shirts can be exchanged only if they have not been worn,

within 15 days of purchase and are in the original packaging.

Notify us via email: 

Mail the t-shirts to: P.O.Box 54896 Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Sorry, we cannot offer refunds at this time, exchanges only.

This t-shirt logo is trademarked and cannot be reproduced.  

Through our ordering system we are able to track the state, city and 

local area (church) that have ordered the official merchandise.  

Duplicating this t-shirt is illegal and unethical. 


New Urban T-shirt


Adult Navy