Workshops are offered annually during the The O.T. Jones Institute Hour of the National Holy Convocation

and The Women's International Convention, Church Of God In Christ.


We are available to bring our workshops to your region, jurisdiction, district or church.


Effective Organization of Children’s Ministry

                Presentation of proven methods of organizing, building and maintaining viable Sunshine Band units in the local church and community.  This workshop offers ways to develop incentive programs that will keep your children enthusiastic about God, church and human values necessary for healthy growth and development.











Leadership development

                 A thorough examination of techniques that facilitate the development of  leadership skills and development.  Other topics covered are the Do’s and Don’ts of leadership, attitudes of successful leaders, when leaders fail, strategies for effective leaders, planning for success, how to conduct a meeting, how to move your group forward, and ways to overcome obstacles.








Parenting: Raising Children of the Kingdom

                Parenting tips for inner city children of the kingdom.  An overview of how to reach children who are from the community and not the church.   A discussion of how to involve your parents in the ministry without giving them another obligation.



Teaching teachers to Teach

                Explores 50 ways to teach children concepts and develop skills using age appropriate materials.