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Mother Lydia E. Hinsley


The founder, Bishop C. H. Mason saw Mother Hinsley working with the children in various areas and

suggested to Mo. Lizzie Robinson that she be appointed to the position, Big Sister Sunshine.

She immediately started organizing and establishing units throughout the country.

She served during the administrations of Bishop C. H. Mason,

Bishop O. T. Jones, Sr., and Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr.  

She served through the administrations of Mo. Lizzie Robinson, Dr. Lillian B. Coffey,

Dr. Annie L. Bailey and Dr. Mattie McGlothen.  

When Mason Temple was under construction, Mo. Hinsley and her workers

raised the money to hang the illuminated yellow cross that yet remains in the sanctuary.

It can be seen in the background as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop”

speech in 1968.  In the late forties, Mother Coffey interceded on behalf of the children

to participate for at least one hour in the National Holy Convocation which was held

annually in Memphis, Tennessee. Mo.

Hinsley formally introduced lessons called, Sunshine Band Topics for uniformed instruction of the children.  

By the time of Mother Hinsley’s death in 1985, she had

succeeded in establishing Sunshine Bands throughout the United States,

and parts of Canada, Haiti, Germany, England and Hawaii.


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