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Dr. Lytia Howard


Upon her appointment and after gaining the full support of the Sunshine Band Big Sisters,

Dr. Howard immediately began to change the image of the Sunshine Band 

by making the first shift from calling the workers

Big Sisters to Presidents. 

The second shift was to increase uniformity by moving from yellow dresses 

and/or yellow tops and white bottoms to the uniform official 

Sunshine Band t-shirt with navy bottoms.  


The motto was changed from "Let Them Pass"  to Matthew 5:16  

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, 

and glorify your Father which is in heaven".  

The song was changed from

"Bring Them In" to "Let It Shine".


In 1987, the Sunshine Band became a part of the Women’s International Convention 

by offering a Children’s Institute for delegates between

the ages of two to twelve. 


By 1989, Dr. Howard asked General Supervisor of Women, Dr. Mattie McGlothen 

to allow the children to participate during the Women’s International Convention.  

Since that time, the Sunshine Band has

rendered an annual program 

displaying the talent from around the country in the Women’s Convention. 


In 1990, Dr. Howard had a burden for a music project that would produce songs sung by our children

for our children.   She was trying to select a place and contacted the presidents

in the St. Louis area who were willing to host the recording. The team began to work,

the place was found, invitations sent, rehearsals started.

With the full support of the area presidents and jurisdictions, 

the summer of 1990, 368 children from Texas, California, Kansas, Georgia, Illinois, 

Missouri, Louisiana, Alabama, and Arizona 

converged on the Shrine (Our Lady of the Snow) in E. St. Louis for a week 

of rehearsals, worship services and the recording of the First Sunshine Band Recording. 

Three more recordings followed.


Dr. Howard served during the administrations of Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr, Bishop L. H. Ford, 

Bishop Chandler D. Owens, Bishop G. E. Patterson and Bishop Charles E. Blake.  

She was appointed by Dr. Mattie McGlothen, Mother Emma Crouch 

and Mo. Willie M. Rivers in the Department of Women.  

Dr. Howard served the Sunshine Band, tirelessly and faithfully, for nearly 30 years.  

In 2015, she became Sunshine Band President Emeritus.


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